Gantis was born from the desire to bring the style Italian , in the world of online commerce.
Quality is the term in which our idea of ​​ Accessories Premium .
The Care of the details and the Solidity of the materials long life.
"I have everything, I have Gantis " says it all about the concept of being able to offer a wide range of Accessories to our customers, simplifying the producer-consumer relationship and giving everyone the opportunity to own one of our Premium Accessories at factory prices , according to the required needs. We have selected the best material for most of our frames, so we relied on Mazzucchelli 1849. Mazzucchelli 1849 products are aimed at markets ranging from eyewear to fashion accessories, from interior decoration to design objects, where they are renowned for their qualitative and aesthetic value. The technical qualities, on the other hand, are appreciated in the safety, sport and automotive sectors. Company substantially focused on demanding markets, both from the technical and aesthetic side, and focused on improvement strategies.